SLA Thankyou Page

Thankyou!, Here’s What Happens Now…

1: You; (Choices) will receive an email in the next 10 minutes with an editable link that has now saved the information you’ve just entered into section 1 & 2, these sections will be pre-filled ready for the placing authority to review, section 3 will be ready and waiting to be completed by the authority and then e-signed.

2: The email your about to receive in the next 10 mins will need to be forwarded on to the authority in question so they can review and continue with the completion of the service level agreement form.

3: Once the placing authority has submitted the completed form they will be automatically directed to a thankyou page where they will be able to instantly download a copy of the completed form via a PDF for their own records. Choices will also receive an email notification providing access to the same PDF for our records also.