We acknowledge that moving to a new home can often be a stressful and difficult experience for young people and their families. Our admission procedure has been designed to minimise the impact and anxiety that often surrounds a change of home and whenever possible we prefer to conduct a thorough transitional arrangement.

Preferred Admissions Procedure:


Please note this is our preferred method of admission.

Following initial contact by the social worker arranging the placement, there will be a general discussion regarding the young person, their history and any required and/or available services. We may request copies of relevant reports, chronology etc to assist in our initial assessment. If both parties feel that Choices may benefit the young person in question, the case holding Social Worker and/or Placement Officer is invited to inspect the proposed home, meet with the staff team and establish a report of the care service(s) we provide.

Unless already received we will require sight of the young persons client file including Psychologist’s report, chronology of the young person’s life, and detail of his/her behavioural characteristics. This will allow us to make a further assessment of the needs of the young person and consider the level of resources required to handle the placement professionally and safely.


Should the Placing Authority and Choices agree to a placement a visit to the young person (and where appropriate his/her family) will be arranged. This will allow us to get to know the young person, his/her interests and preferences and also enables us to discuss any apprehensions associated with the move. A risk assessment will be formalised shortly after the visit and outcomes would then be agreed with Social Services. At this time the fee level will be confirmed along with any additional specified services, the contract document will also be prepared and a date set for admittance of the young person. Wherever possible a visit will be arranged for the young person and their family to familiarise themselves with the home and the staff team prior to admittance.


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