About Choices:

Formed in 1995 and based in Cheshire, Choices (Homes for Children) specialises in providing residential care for children and young people. Choices was formed with the intention of offering the best possible care and education for young people with complex needs and challenging behaviour. We emphasise the importance of working in partnership with our residents, their families and placing authorities to enable each of our residents to rebuild confidence within a caring and stable environment.

All of our homes are furnished and equipped to a high standard, encouraging residents to take ownership and positively contribute to the overall living environment.

Who We Are:

We believe that a children’s home should serve as a nurturing environment with familiar faces, inclusive of warm care, education and therapy (if required). We recognise education as a fundamental part of a young person’s growth which prepares them to take their place in society. Our philosophy at Choices is to support young individuals from all backgrounds and to provide them with a reliable home environment with the required support to live meaningful and valued lives within the local community.

Our child care teams consist of highly motivated, experienced staff that are committed to the care of young people. Best practice is promoted through continuous staff development and training linked to regular structured supervision and appraisal. To achieve the highest possible outcomes, our childcare programme is carefully designed to match each individual. By providing a warm and caring environment with firm and consistent boundaries we encourage our children and young people to develop positive relationships and address the often painful issues which have brought them to us.

Our approach creates a setting that allows each child and young person to gain a strong sense of personal worth. Cause and effect are emphasised so that each child and young person is assisted in making positive change and accepting an increasing responsibility for their actions within an environment that understands them and their difficulties.


Choices operates 4 residential child care homes all of which are registered with Ofsted. Our homes are located in Stockport, Hazel Grove, Davenport and Chipping. All homes receive support from our educational and therapeutic support services and as a result Choices has developed an excellent track record of preparing young people for their role in society. We also work closely with Local Authorities and our Health Service colleagues so that our planning and review processes together with our collective expertise and experience works collectively to ensure that young people achieve to their maximum potential. We provide residential childcare for short, medium and long stay placements. This also includes emergency admissions and placements for assessment.

Our Mission:

Choices accommodates for all young people up to the age of eighteen years, and is registered with the Care Commission and Ofsted.

We receive, assess and formulate an Individual Care Plan for each young person and offer the highest level of care and accommodation to young people in need. Most of those referred to ourselves have encountered previous damage, destabilisation or disruption in their lives, therefore our aim, whilst recognising their past, is to create an environment which facilitates the disclosing of emotions and thoughts in an open and non threatening manner whilst ensuring that the young people in our care feel safe and supported.

We do not work with the young person in isolation, their family and significant others in their lives are important components in a fragile system of inter-personal dynamics.

Total communication with all professionals involved in the young person’s life is also a priority for us in succeeding in the healing process.