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Bongs House is set in a semi-rural location but still close enough to get to local amenities. The home is a spacious detached house in garden with extensive outdoor space for activities or just having fun.  There are three bedrooms a modern kitchen, large lounge and conservatory for games.

Close by is Torkington Park where there are tennis courts, skateboard ramp, gym equipment and where a carnival and fun fair visit every year. Within easy reach is Lyme Park and Bramhall Park both with historic buildings and grounds

The local town is less than 10 minutes’ drive and this has a multiplex cinema complex, swimming pool and museum, there are two large shopping areas, a local produce market and plenty of places to eat.  The trains and buses run at regular intervals to these locations providing some independence for our young people.

In the local towns which surround Bongs House are many places to eat both restaurants, takeaways and as all young people love McDonalds and KFC.  The home prides itself on planning the weekly menu, sitting down together to eat in the dining area and encouraging a varied cuisine prepared by staff and young people after helping with the shopping!

Bongs House also arranges other activities further afield during holidays and weekends as well as activities at home such as quiz, culture, and movie evenings.  Young people can play on their x box, computer or PlayStation and we will support any hobby or artistic talent!  We want our young people to enjoy their spare time at home and try a wide variety of activities and take up hobbies.

We want to ensure that our young people have positive relationships and feel part of the local community by joining local clubs and meeting friends outside of the home.  It is important to us that young people have links outside of the home in a safe and meaningful way.  We also offer support with their family visits and a road to independence.


Welcome to Park Lodge, a children’s care home where staff support children and young people who have had multiple placement breakdowns in the past and are in need of care, support and stability.



We believe that a residential setting can be a positive and rewarding experience for the young people placed with us by providing a professional and skilled service in a caring and structured environment.



Choices believe that a clean, warm, safe, nurturing and empowering environment are the basic foundations for young people to begin to believe in their own self-worth and achieve great things.



Bongs House, Cheshire, has been specifically designed to meet the needs of children who require an enriching sanctuary which will reclaim childhoods and also act as a therapeutic bridge.


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We want to provide a new outlook on life and what the future holds by working with our young people, their families, and others.

We want our young people to have freedom of thought and emotions in a therapeutic setting that protects and nurtures them.

We will treat every young person with respect and support them through their journey to independence or back to their family.